Online Course: Start to Control Your Game

Are you new to the online gambling scene? Are you searching for casino tips about smart betting? Watch our video Gambling Guide and find out the essentials about online casinos, games, payments, bonuses, and everything else relevant to your gambling routine. Learn from an experienced gambler and start to control your game!

Gambling tips and betting strategies

Gambling Guide: Gambling Tips and Strategies

SixSlots Gambling Guide takes the form of an online course and is presented by a professional gambler and a passionate online casino game streamer – George. His experience includes spectacular wins and great losses, he has played in numerous online casinos and all sorts of gambling games: classic and video slots, jackpots and live dealer table games from Roulette and Hold’em to game shows.

This video Gambling Guide is not just a few casino tips for beginners – George will share his knowledge and will help to understand how to play casino games, furthermore, he will give insights about gambling you will not find anywhere else, like Blackjack tips and Roulette strategy. He will tell about the key aspects to consider when it comes to selecting games and using specific betting strategies.

This Guide is made for both – players who have just started their gambling adventure and players who have been around for quite some time, but haven’t got into a smart and strategic betting. Learn what to check and what to double-check, what works and what is just an assumption.

Course content

  • Introduction: History of Online Gaming – How Did It All Start?
  • Safety and Security – How to Choose a Safe Online Casino
  • Time and Money Management – How to Keep Your Gambling Habits Healthy
  • Casino House Edge and Return to Player (RTP)
  • Random Number Generator – How Does Slot Machines Work
  • Slot Machine tips – Paylines and Bonus Features
  • Casino Bonuses – Which Promotions Are Good and Which Are Not
  • Wagering Requirements – Extra Money Comes with Extra Terms
  • Best Games to Wager the Bonus
  • Jackpot Games – How to Correctly Chase the Fortune
  • Best Games to Buy Bonus Features
  • Live Casino Games – Roulette strategy, Blackjack tips, and how to play Poker, Baccarat, and game shows like Deal or no Deal, Monopoly
  • Video Highlights – Greatest Wins, Losses and Fails from George

Overall Information About the Guide

  Course Length: 5h

  Learning Materials: presentations and gameplay video examples

  Flexible Schedule: start any time and learn at your own pace

  Navigation: watch in order or revisit any video at any time

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