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A new collaboration project from Yggdrasil and Dreamtech brings to life Ancient Greek mythology in a very vibrant way. Medusa: Fortune & Glory slot could be the next big thing, as the max win potential is absurdly high. Besides the wins, the visual effects are not lacking behind too much as well.

As Medusa: Fortune & Glory is a joint project, the expectations for the slot have been raised too.  Their first partnership move was the Ice and Fire slot, which received some mixed reviews. Let’s see if Medusa: Fortune & Glory can ignore the previous shortcomings and show us that it’s here to stay for good.

Medusa: Fortune & Glory Review

Yggdrasil Gaming
Game Layout
6 Reels x 4 Rows
Max win
Bet Range
0.10 - 30
Bonus features
yes (3)
Release date
6th of August 2020

Design and Gameplay

We have arrived at the shores of Greece, although this time it would be hard to tell, like the Medusa: Fortune & Glory scenery has this mythical feel to it, opposed to the regular Greece panorama. There are plenty of snake statues around, so without a doubt, we are close to Medusa’s lair. The cartoony and colourful style of game makes the monsters of the slot less threatening.

Medusa: Fortune & Glory uses the Yggdrasil’s iSENSE 2.0+. This new HTML framework comes with a lot of upgrades to the gameplay and display. It ensures the gameplay on Medusa: Fortune & Glory is very smooth, and the User Interface is sleek. It wasn’t the case for some older slots from Yggdrasil, so it is great to see improvements have been made.

Symbols and Payouts

Wild symbol 2Wild symbol 1Medusa always seems to be the leader, but she does not always come alone. Medusa: Fortune & Glory provides plenty of colourful monsters and creatures to accompany the dark queen. More precisely, we have 4 additional creature symbols, like Minotaur, Pegasus, Hydra, and Warthog of some sort.  Lowest 5 are royal symbols, like Q and K. Finally, we have the Bonus symbols, that rounds up the count of 10 symbols. Medusa: Fortune & Glory also comes with Wild symbols, but more on that later as they serve a higher purpose on Medusa: Fortune & Glory.  

All the focus surely will be on one stat, which, of course, is the max win potential. Previous collaboration Ice and Fire had this limit pushed to 19,139x, but Medusa: Fortune & Glory slot almost quadruples it with a whopping 74,400x payout. Combining this with 4096 paylines would make it seem like no two highlights are going to be the same. Even more so, the RTP is 96.62%, so this is a very fair percentage for all things considered. Bet range seems to be fitted to the payout potential, as it doesn’t go too high, but still should be enough for high rollers.

Bonus Features

Just like 90% of slots (not factual percentage) also Medusa: Fortune & Glory requires players to hit that magical number 3 for the amount of Bonus symbol you need. Besides the bonus game, there comes another feature that will aid you in your journey. 

As we said, Wilds have a higher purpose as the Medusa Wild can trigger the Spreading Wilds feature. When this happens, Medusa adds an extra 1 to 3 Snake Wilds to the reels. These will have a distinctive golden look.

Medusa: Fortune & Glory is not a random combination of words – Fortune and Glory are two different types of bonus features. First things first, you need to get three (3) scatters/bonus symbols, which are not too tough to get, as the hit rate is rather fair. Once that is done, the player has a choice between the two. Both features start off with a little chest picking mini-game.

Medusa: Fortune & Glory bonus game

Fortune Feature
allows you to choose 1 chest from the 6 given. These chests determine how many Free Spins you get, starting from 8 to 40. After you make your random choice, 6 additional chests determinate your winning multiplier, starting from 2x to 20x. So, yes, lucky few can get 40 Free Spins with a 20x multiplier, plus a chance for a retrigger. I think you understand now where the Medusa: Fortune & Glory potential is hidden.

Fortune Feature bonus
Medusa: Fortune & Glory bonus

The other choice on Medusa: Fortune & Glory is the Glory Feature. Same as before, there are two sets of 6 chests. This time the Free Spins go from 5 – 20. The second set of chests offers extra Wilds. More precisely, you can have your regular symbols like Q and K become wilds on every spin. These low symbols come around often, so imagine all of them being Wild, sounds good - doesn’t it?  


Yggdrasil and Dreamtech have clearly put in some good work into Medusa: Fortune & Glory. This slot may very well become the next blockbuster in the casino community, so we have to wait and see what kind of crazy combinations you players will come up with. Visually Medusa: Fortune & Glory perhaps is not the most gorgeous slot. Things are quite static and cartoony, but it more than makes up for it in other departments.

Watch Ge Plays episode of Medusa: Fortune & Glory Video Review!

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