Real Money Slots

If you are a real money slots fan, you've come to the right place. Here, you will find everything you need to know about online slots. We will guide you through the types of slots, bonuses, and more.

Xiao's Treasures

Head out to feudal China in search for riches, that belong to the ancient and mighty royal family known as the Xiao Imperial dynas...



The ones that call themselves the Fearful Four are terrorizing seven seas, searching for plunder and perhaps also seeds.


Book of Shai

The god of luck and fate welcomes you to his halls. This slot has an abundance of wild symbols, which can bring you a 10,325x win!


Fortune Llama

We hope you're in the mood for partying because celebrations with this llama and his friends will be unforgettable


Rabbit Garden

A farm that’s full of carrots, rabbits and huge wins. If you love nature and bonus features, then you have to look at this game


Treasures of Ra

You’d be amazed, at how many treasures are yet undiscovered in the ancient lands of Egypt. Time to bask in the glory of Ra


Crash X

Hop in the spaceship and soar high into the skies. You are in charge of your own game, so decide when the payment is claimed 


Bozo Cats

Meet four peculiar kittens who are ready to conquer the local streets and players' hearts. It’s a heartwarming casino game


Tropicool 2

The wonderful vacation land of Tropicool is back again. The snow has melted and the wins are bigger than ever


Giga Jar

The jars are jammin again! Icy fruits are invading the dance floor, time to show off our best moves!


Mine & Melt

Gold rush never left, as it's still flowing with Mine & Melt slot. Three Swedes are trying to find their fortune, will you join th...


Hot Rio Nights

Evoplay are inviting you to the world's most vibrant festival, happening on the streets of Rio. Let the party begin!


Pirate Chest

The treasures are waiting in this new Playson slot. Sail the high seas with your crew, experiencing true pirate adventures


Ancient Disco

Ancient Egypt in the 80’s disco, it’s about to get extra groovy! Are you ready to dance like pharaohs?


Book of Inferno

Ghastly creatures, lava-filled pits and sharply edged mountains, we’re definitely going to a place where positivity doesn’t exist...


Fire Archer

To some, he was a hero, to others just a thief with a bow, but there is no denying that the name of Robin Hood is well-known to ev...


Legacy of Inca

Even though there aren’t that many parts of the earth that are left undiscovered, the foliage of jungles has always held secrets


Monster Superlanche

What’s scarier than an avalanche? Monster Superlanche, of course, and it’s brought to you by no other than Pragmatic Play


Dead Canary

What do canary birds have to do with dark mines? Play this slot to find out. Going down a mining shaft with Nolimit City


Sold It

Going once, going twice, sold! That’s right, Evoplay are offering us a true auction house experience


Wild Wild Bananas

One of the first 2023 releases for Pragmatic Play. Take a trip to a tropical land in this wonderful Wild Wild Riches sequel


Hit the Bank

Robbing a bank with Chicago gangsters, Playson are going full Al Capone in their latest slot. The big catch in this game is the 20...


Sweet PowerNudge

Life sure is sweet if you’re living in the candy land. If you want to have a taste, then come along and play Sweet PowerNudge


Rock Bottom

The positive thing about hitting the rock bottom is, that there is only one way to go and that’s up. Things like this only fuel th...


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Table of Contents

What are Slot Machines?

Online slot games have been around since the inception of online gambling casino sites. Without a doubt, they are the easiest games to play because you don't need any skill to play them. It's a matter of hitting the spin button and waiting for a big win.
There are lots of real money casinos with plenty of online slots with instant wins and lucrative jackpots. These casinos also offer welcome bonus offers and free spins on your first deposit. Read on to find out more about real money slots and the best casino gambling online sites.
If you are new to slot machines or slots, you are probably wondering what they are. Well, a slot machine is a game with different symbols on spinning reels. To play the game, you have to spin the reels. You win money if you manage to land a winning combination of symbols on a payline.
Like other casino games, slots are available at both land-based and online casinos. You can play your favourite slot machine to win real money in both types of casinos.
In this article, we'll mainly focus on real money online slots. These games are commonly known as video slots because they have the features of a video game. They are simply the software version of the slot machines you'd find in a physical casino.

The Building Blocks of Slot Games

Thanks to cutting-edge technologies like HTML5, online casino players can now play high-quality online slots. Like traditional slot machines, modern online slots allow players to spin the reels to win real money. You can start playing once you identify a reliable online casino that offers real money slots. For starters, the following are the building blocks of slot games.

Reels and Rows

The basic structure of a slot machine resembles a table with columns (reels) and rows. Usually, the reels spin vertically when you click the 'Spin' button. Depending on the selected online slot machine, you can adjust the speed at which the reels spin to save time.
Traditional slots only had 3 reels, but modern slots have as many as 6 reels. However, the majority of online slots you'll find at online casinos will have 5 reels. When it comes to rows, their number will vary from one slot game to another. Online slots with a classic theme may have 1 to 3 rows, while modern slots will have 3 or more rows.

Symbols on the Reel

One interesting thing about all slot games is that they come with themed symbols. If a movie inspires the game, you can expect to see various characters on the reels. Likewise, a slot game based on wildlife will have several animals as its symbols.
Easy symbol awards different payouts from those of other symbols. Most slots have a Wild symbol, which replaces other symbols to create wins. Also, most online slots come with Scatter symbols. The main role of Scatters is to trigger bonus games like free spins and pick bonus features.

Paylines, Win Lines, Winning Lines, or Ways to Win

A payline is the line on which you are required to land matching symbols to land a win. The first slot games only had one payline running horizontally. However, modern online slots offer better chances of winning by having several paylines. Their lines run horizontally, vertically, and diagonally.
What about slots with tens, hundreds, or thousands of paylines? Well, most of their winning lines run in a zig-zag line. For instance, Megaways slots allow you to win real money in more than a hundred thousand different ways. In this case, it only makes sense to have zig-zag winning lines.

Free vs Real Money Slots

If you are used to online casinos and free casino games, you might ask, why play real money slots? Before we answer this question, let's first talk about free online casino games. You won't win real money playing free games, but they come with various benefits.
First of all, you can benefit from free casino games if you are trying new options. This includes existing games you've never played or newly-developed games. In both cases, you aim to practice as much as you can before playing real money games. During this time, you can learn how various slots work and even test the online casino site.

Reasons to Play Real Money Slots

Back to our question – why should you play online slots for real money? Thanks for asking. Well, apart from having fun, a true gambler wants to win real money. In fact, every gambler's goal is to multiply whatever amount of money they invest. Whether you are a casual or professional gambler, you wish to win a huge prize or jackpot one day.
Thankfully, real money online slots have opened doors for you to win a generous amount of money. Many online casino players have won life-changing jackpots after placing a small bet on progressive jackpot slots. It's all about getting lucky, so you could be the next millionaire if you play slots to win real money.
Another reason to play online casino games for real money is that you can get bonus offers. The best bonus offers for slot players include welcome bonuses and free spins. We'll talk about these offers later, so keep reading. If you've been playing free slot games, now you know why you should switch to real money options.

Online Casino Bonus for Slots Players

As a real money online slots player, you get to enjoy several casino bonuses. The bonuses apply to specific scenarios. After meeting the wagering requirements set in the terms and conditions, you can withdraw your winnings from a bonus.
Online casinos all over the world offer huge bonuses to new players who sign up for online real money slots. A welcome bonus for a new player can come with or without a deposit. Below are some of the welcome casino bonuses you enjoy as a slot player.

No Deposit Bonus

A no deposit bonus is a popular offer you receive immediately after signing up without making any deposit. This is the closest you can get to accessing free cash. Also, some slots give you free spins that let you play and win real money from online slot games.
Most online casinos offer no deposit bonuses. With these bonuses, you can try casino slots without risking your real money. This way, you get to figure out how the casino slots work, and if you like them or not. After playing several games using your no deposit bonus, you can go on to win bigger prizes. You may not win much from a no deposit bonus.

Deposit Match Casino Bonus

A no deposit bonus can win you a few euros, but a deposit match casino bonus is worth much more. The online casino will match your first real money deposit. It is among the most lucrative bonuses you can get from a casino since it doubles your money. So, the more you deposit, the more you get in terms of bonus up to a stated maximum bonus.
To make it clear, here is an example. If you sign up for real money casinos and deposit 100 euros your bankroll will start at 200 euros thanks to the 100% match bonus. The casino may have a playthrough requirement of 20x for the bonus. This means you must make 20 wagers for the bonus money, which equals 2,000 euros.

Free Spins Bonus

Free spins are popular casino bonus offers for online slot games. They let you play selected slots with a payout similar to the paid slot turns. A good example of such slots is Starburst slot by NetEnt.
With complimentary spins, you get extra cash that helps you win real money playing your preferred online slots. However, free spins come in different shapes and forms. For instance, you can get bonus spins as a stand-alone bonus or when you make your first deposit.
What's more, complimentary spins are loyalty bonuses for regular real money players at online casinos. Some online real money casinos offer bonus spins as part of regular promotions or competitions. Here is an overview of the complimentary offers. Check them out to figure out which suits you best.

Free Spins Deposit Bonus

This is one of the most common promotions for online slot players. The best online casinos will give you a generous amount of free spins after making a small deposit. Casinos give you enough time to enjoy the complimentary spins and win money online.
Often, these spins are part of a match bonus. Some casinos provide a 100% match bonus up to 100 euros plus free spins. Within this bonus, the spins appeal to online slot machine players more. However, you can get the complimentary spins at once or with time.
These bonuses have playthrough requirements you need to understand before accepting a complimentary package.

Free Spins No Deposit Bonus

These are the most popular offers since players don't have to deposit real money to claim these spins. Online casinos award new players these spins freely.
With free spins that come without a deposit, you have to abide by the same rules as no deposit bonuses. The difference is they come as complimentary spins for online slot games instead of free cash bonuses. So, these bonuses have playthrough requirements that are restricted to specific slot games.

Bonus Terms and Conditions

By now, you have noticed there is nothing like free lunch. So, reading and understanding the terms and conditions of online casino bonuses is very important. This way, you will understand how they work and the restrictions placed on them.
Online casino offers are meant to attract a maximum number of new players at a minimum cost. However interesting the offer is, you should always check out the fine print.
That said, online casino operators are required to outline the rules for all bonuses. These include a minimum deposit, playthrough requirements, selected games for the bonus, and time restrictions.

Wagering Requirements
Time Limits
Game Limits
Win Limits
A wagering requirement or playthrough requirement can be confusing at first for a new casino player. Basically, online casinos require you to wager the winnings you receive from a bonus. The wagering requirement is often set between 20x and 40x before you can withdraw your winnings.
For instance, if you have 100 euros as a bonus, the casino may require you to wager 30x. So, you will need to make wagers worth 3,000 euros to withdraw your real money winnings. Wagering may apply to the bonus amount, deposit amount, winnings, or a combination of both.
If you are unaware of the time limits casinos set for specific bonuses, you will be caught off-guard. So, you need to carefully review the details before signing up otherwise you risk missing out. The casino may require you to deposit a certain amount within a specified period to get your welcome bonuses.
Also, you may need to use the bonuses within a set timeframe after arriving in your account. Some bonuses come with tight time restrictions that give players one-day expiry. You need to be aware of these limits to choose bonuses that meet your timetable.
As you use online casino bonuses, you need to keep in mind 2 game limits. First, casinos limit the games you can spend your bonuses on. For example, complimentary spins are usually restricted to a few real money slots at best. Most of the time, you will be limited to one or two specific slots.
The second game limit is knowing the games that contribute towards wagering. If you are fortunate enough to win with your casino bonuses, completing the playthrough requirement is important. For this reason, ensure you are aware of any applicable game rules or restrictions.
Many online casino bonuses have an upper limit to how much you can win from bonuses. Even if you win a jackpot, you will not be able to cash out anything above the win limit. So, you will need to review the terms and conditions carefully.

Online Jackpots

Have you ever thought of hitting a huge payout at some point in your life? If so, you should know that online jackpots provide a way for you to win it big. The top prize for online jackpot slots vary and can go into millions of euros. In case you don't know much about casino jackpots, we'll give you a headstart.
In this section, you will learn all there is about online casino jackpots and what to expect. Having knowledge about online jackpots is half the battle. Now, let's get down to the different types of online jackpot slots.

Fixed Jackpots

As the name suggests, fixed online jackpots have fixed amounts that never increase with time. Also, these jackpots are known as independent jackpots or flat jackpots. Normally, the fixed jackpot amount is low, usually less than 10,000 euros.
For instance, it is common to find an online slot machine with 5,000 euros as the fixed jackpot. Compared to progressive jackpots, the amount associated with fixed jackpots is much lower. Also, people who play slots tend to hit fixed jackpots more often compared to progressive jackpots.
For slots, the fixed jackpot is an in-game feature which is not dependent on bets from other players. In other words, fixed jackpots are not affected by other factors that influence progressive or pooled jackpots. Some jackpot slots have both progressive jackpots and fixed cash prizes.

Progressive Jackpots

Contrary to fixed jackpots, a progressive jackpot increases each time a player bets real money. A bet regardless of whether you make it a participating casino or across linked slots contributes to the top prize. These jackpots are known for reaching astronomical totals.
So, each time you wager 1 euro on progressive jackpot games like Mega Moolah, a fraction goes to the top prize. Other popular progressive jackpots games include Divine Fortune and Mega Moolah Isis. The jackpots can grow to extortionate amounts since they are very hard to hit.
However, when a slot player hits the jackpot, it resets to a lower value known as a seed value. It is from the seed value that other progressive jackpots grow. There are two main types of progressive jackpots you can play online and win real money.

Pooled Jackpot

This form of progressive jackpots entails online casinos linking different games. Funds for the pooled jackpot are sourced from bets across different games hosted on the same casino. So, each bet made by a player counts towards the real money prize. The prize money grows to an incredible figure of real cash up for grabs.

Jackpot Network

These progressive jackpots are on a different level. In such games, a jackpot network blows up the idea of pooled jackpots to a larger scale. In some cases, it links many more games from different casinos. So, You can think of this jackpot as a national lottery where each ticket sale contributes to the jackpot.
A jackpot network is shared across multiple casinos. The beauty is that a jackpot network becomes huge, very fast. So, it is common, in some instances, to see jackpots reaching millions of euros.

Slots with Multiple Jackpots

Some slots feature multiple online jackpots. Take an example of Mega Moolah. The game features four jackpots making it very popular around the world. Thanks to its simple mechanics, you can trigger extra spins that set off a chain reaction for more spins.
This way, you get more spins than increases your chances of hitting multiple jackpots. In some cases, online slot games randomly trigger jackpots in routine play online.

How Online Jackpots Work

It is clear now that you can win huge sums of real money from online slots. But how do these online slot jackpots work? Most of the time, real money slots work like regular slots apart from the huge prize money. So, most have reel structures and bonus features.
One of the ways you can hit the jackpot is by triggering the bonus feature or games. Depending on the slot provider, these bonuses can vary widely. Some providers offer re-spins, games of chance, complimentary spins, jackpot wheel, and frozen symbols.
The jackpot wheel is a common feature in multi-jackpot games. The feature allows one wheel to unlock another wheel and so on with each unlock offering a better prize.

Deposit Methods to Play Online Slots for Real Cash

To play real money slots, you first need to deposit some money to your online casino account. Fortunately, online casinos support multiple deposit methods you rely on. Some of the ways you can deposit real cash include e-wallets, bank transfers, payment cards, and cryptocurrency.
Some of the transactions are free so depending on your preferred casino check out the fees involved.

Payment Cards
Bank Wire Transfer
The most common payment methods you can use to deposit real money to online slots are credit and debit cards. MasterCard and Visa are the most popular cards you can use to deposit money online to your casino account.
You can comfortably play real money slots using your debit card. It is always good to crosscheck if your bank allows you to use your card on gambling sites. Some banks do not support the use of credit cards on online gambling sites.
Also, some countries forbid the use of credit cards for online gambling. So, you should have a backup plan like an e-wallet or a debit card if your credit card fails.
Most online casinos prefer the use of e-wallets for depositing real money. With e-wallets, you can keep money in an account that lets you spend it online. You can use these e-wallets to fund your online gambling accounts with real money. They even let you transfer money into your bank account.
One of the best online wallets you can use to deposit money into your casino account is PayPal. However, PayPal's strict gambling policy only allows online casinos licensed to use PayPal. Other commonly used e-wallets include Skrill and Neteller. These e-wallets let you load your e-wallet with different cards and bank transactions.
So, you won't worry about providing your card information to the casino. Best of all, after the casino processes your payment, e-wallets provide the fastest way to withdraw your money.
It is possible to use your bank account to fund your casino account with real money. You can initiate a wire transfer from your bank to your gambling account.
Also, some banks let you use 'e-check' to make sure you have funds in your casino account. Bank wire transfers are favourite for those who wish to transfer money offline. Should you prefer wire transfer, make sure you consider the charges it attracts.
The popularity of cryptocurrencies is changing the way we pay for service and goods. It is now one of the methods online gamblers use to fund their online gambling accounts. If you're ready to invest real money into online real money slots, then depositing with cryptocurrency can be worthwhile. Currently, the most popular cryptocurrencies accepted by real money casinos are Bitcoin, Etherium, and Litecoin.

Real Money Mobile Online Slots

If real money slots are your thing, you'll appreciate playing them on your mobile device. Mobile slots are now popular as people ditch bulky PC screens for small and equally equipped but smaller mobile screens. Today, you can play real money casinos on most Android and iOS mobile devices. With mobile slots, you can play on your Android phone or tablet as well as your iPad or iPhone.
So, you have the freedom to play slots and possibly win big whenever you want. Also, you get to enjoy the same desktop gaming features like depositing, playing, and withdrawing your winnings.

Mobile Casino Gaming

There are two ways you can play online slot machines on your mobile. You can either use mobile sites or mobile apps to play real money slots on the go. Often, online casino sites have apps that can improve your gameplay. If you are into slot machines, a good mobile-friendly real money casino site gives you thousands of slot games.
In a few taps, mobile slots give you a chance to win big money as you watch the reels spin. Best of all, no download necessary since you can play online on the casino website. There are many reasons you'll enjoy playing mobile slot games - winning is first of them.

Reasons to Play Real Money Mobile slots

First of all, playing mobile slot machines is very handy. You no longer need to use your laptop or desktop to play and win real money. Now, you can grab your smartphone and start playing online without downloading anything.
Second, mobile slots provide you with a discreet way of playing online slots. Thanks to the small screen of your smartphone, you will be inconspicuous as you play online slots. Third, it is fun playing slot machine games on the go. So, if you like playing real money slots, there is no better way of doing it. Mobile slots let you enjoy playing slot games for real money on your smartphone.
What's more, a real money casino site gives you access to thousands of slots compatible with your smartphone. Besides, mobile slots on your chosen real money casino site can be accessed on different mobile devices. Above all, real money mobile slots require little time to set up.

Where to Play Real Money Slots

Nothing can beat playing slot games from home. Thanks to high-quality online casino sites, you can play the best online slots for real money. recommends real money online slots you can play to win real prizes. So, you are bound to come across slot machines you'll love.
Most of the slots come with amazing graphics and a lot of exciting bonuses. After you start spinning the reels, you will realize special features like multipliers, scatter, and wild symbols. These special features can result in huge real money wins.
So, if you are thinking of getting started on real money online slots, try a few featured slot games on You will know if you enjoy a specific style of gameplay. Also, you will establish if has enough real money slots that meet your feature preferences. At SixSlots, we recommend slot machines that support all devices, including tablets and smartphones.

How to Find the Best Online Casino Slots with Real Money

The first thing you need to look out for is if the casino is licensed and regulated. You can trust the gameplay of a casino that is licensed and regulated by independent third-body authorities. Third-party independent licensing and regulatory bodies like the Malta Gaming Authority and Gambling Commission in the United Kingdom are popular.
You can find this information in the 'About Us' page of the best online gambling sites.

Best Online Slots Developers

In the world of online casinos, some game developers have a reputation for providing interesting casino games. More so with online real money slot games as mobile compatibility and variety give developers unique challenges.
Slots developers use random number generators (RNGs) to ensure slots are fair and fun to play. Today, online gambling sites rely on a mathematical formula to establish that reels spin randomly. RNG casinos rely on a pseudorandom number generator (PRNG) an algorithm that automatically generates strings of long random numbers. However, the entire series is established by a fixed number known as a seed.
Through manipulation of the seed, developers can establish the RTP rates for slot games. So, computer systems provide developers with a way to ensure you can play fair slot games. Besides providing a way for developers to create fair and honest slot games, RNGs create interesting games. Independent regulators test these RNGs. This leaves casino sites at risk of operating without operating licenses if they fail the tests.
Below are some of the top slot game developers that provide quality online slots.


As one of the best online developers of slot games, NetEnt is famous for developing branded slots. NetEnt's real money slot machines are responsible for big payouts in the history of online slots. For instance, it paid out 17.86 million euros through its Mega Fortune game.


Do you enjoy playing slot games? Chances are you've played some slot games by Microgaming. This slot game provider has developed more than 850 games hosted by over 500 operators. The provider is popular for its innovative approach to real money casino games.


IGT began creating physical slot games in 1976 before venturing into online slots. The developer is known for creating some of the most reliable slot games.

Other popular slots developers include Betsoft and Play'n Go.

Return-to-Player (RTP) Rates

Return-to-Player is also known as payout percentage. For slot players, this is a very important feature. Essentially, it is a number that informs players the percentage of the wagered money they can win back. To make it clear, a slot's RTP is calculated over thousands and even millions of spins to come up with an average for players.
For a slot game with 97% RTP, it means you can potentially win 97 euros for every 100 euros you wager. So, high RTP slot games mean you are more likely to win something compared to low RTP slot games. A high RTP slot game means you are playing a less volatile slot that pays regularly.
If you play a low RTP game, you can get significant returns for your buck. However, should you decide to play a low RTP game, you must be ready to cope with multiple dead spins. Although low RTP's provide big wins, it all depends on how comfortable you are with your bankroll rollercoaster ride.

House Edge

As you look out for the RTP, you should also consider the house edge. All casinos have a house edge also referred to as house or casino advantage. This refers to a casino's mathematical advantage over you as you play. The house edge needs to be as low as possible to make sure you lose little to the casino.
Your bankroll will last longer when the house edge is low. Think of house advantage as the opposite of RTP. So, the higher a slot machine RTP, the lower the house advantage. If you grasp any of these, you will make better decisions when you play.
To find the house edge, you need to deduct a slot's RTP from 100%. Therefore, if a slot has 97% RTP, the casino/house advantage is 100%-97% which equates to 3%.


The term volatility in slot machines is also known as hit velocity or frequency. It refers to the rate at which a slot machine hits winnings. With high volatility slot games, the pay is sporadic, but the hits are large. Low volatility slot games, on the other hand, pay frequently although the winnings are modest. So, as a slot game player, you should select slot machines with the volatility that meets your gameplay requirements.

Try Your Hand in Real Money Slots

Now you've learned the ropes for real money slots; you have a headstart. The aim of playing a real money slot machine is to win some cash. Feel free to try some free casinos online to grasp how slots work. Thus, as you head online to play real money slots, make sure you are ready for the experience.
If you are ready to spin some reels, check out some of the real money slots we recommend. You can chase huge jackpots and capitalise on great welcome bonuses. All the real money slots we recommend are safe and secure. So, play with confidence.


Do Slot Games Pay Real Money?

Yes. All our recommended slot machines are fair and are part of a real money casino. Results of reel spins are random to ensure fair play. So, to keep your money safe, go for a slot machine from approved online casinos.

Is My Money Safe in Real Money Slots?

Real money casinos use advanced security features to make sure your money is safe. Also, real money casinos ensure games are audited and tested for fairness. So, you can play casino games for real money online safely.

What does Return-to-Player mean?

Return-to-player is also known as payout percentage established by independent auditors. It states the average rate of returns to a slot player. The rate is in percentage. For instance, a 95% RTP indicates that for each euro you wager, you can win back 95 cents.

What Games Can You Play to Win Real Money?

Compared to slot games, roulette, blackjack, crap, and other table games provide higher RTP.

What Currencies Can I Use to Play Real Money Slots?

Available currencies you can use to play slots vary by casino. Often casinos let you use euros, British pounds, American dollars among other currencies. Today, some casinos even offer cryptocurrency payments, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.