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As SixSlots, we're huge fans online slots. That's why you're sure to benefit from our team's vast online slot knowledge. We provide you with a one-stop site where you can access the absolute best online slots for free.

Xiao's Treasures

Head out to feudal China in search for riches, that belong to the ancient and mighty royal family known as the Xiao Imperial dynas...



The ones that call themselves the Fearful Four are terrorizing seven seas, searching for plunder and perhaps also seeds.


Book of Shai

The god of luck and fate welcomes you to his halls. This slot has an abundance of wild symbols, which can bring you a 10,325x win!


Fortune Llama

We hope you're in the mood for partying because celebrations with this llama and his friends will be unforgettable


Rabbit Garden

A farm that’s full of carrots, rabbits and huge wins. If you love nature and bonus features, then you have to look at this game


Treasures of Ra

You’d be amazed, at how many treasures are yet undiscovered in the ancient lands of Egypt. Time to bask in the glory of Ra


Crash X

Hop in the spaceship and soar high into the skies. You are in charge of your own game, so decide when the payment is claimed 


Bozo Cats

Meet four peculiar kittens who are ready to conquer the local streets and players' hearts. It’s a heartwarming casino game


Tropicool 2

The wonderful vacation land of Tropicool is back again. The snow has melted and the wins are bigger than ever


Giga Jar

The jars are jammin again! Icy fruits are invading the dance floor, time to show off our best moves!


Mine & Melt

Gold rush never left, as it's still flowing with Mine & Melt slot. Three Swedes are trying to find their fortune, will you join th...


Hot Rio Nights

Evoplay are inviting you to the world's most vibrant festival, happening on the streets of Rio. Let the party begin!


Pirate Chest

The treasures are waiting in this new Playson slot. Sail the high seas with your crew, experiencing true pirate adventures


Ancient Disco

Ancient Egypt in the 80’s disco, it’s about to get extra groovy! Are you ready to dance like pharaohs?


Book of Inferno

Ghastly creatures, lava-filled pits and sharply edged mountains, we’re definitely going to a place where positivity doesn’t exist...


Fire Archer

To some, he was a hero, to others just a thief with a bow, but there is no denying that the name of Robin Hood is well-known to ev...


Legacy of Inca

Even though there aren’t that many parts of the earth that are left undiscovered, the foliage of jungles has always held secrets


Monster Superlanche

What’s scarier than an avalanche? Monster Superlanche, of course, and it’s brought to you by no other than Pragmatic Play


Dead Canary

What do canary birds have to do with dark mines? Play this slot to find out. Going down a mining shaft with Nolimit City


Sold It

Going once, going twice, sold! That’s right, Evoplay are offering us a true auction house experience


Wild Wild Bananas

One of the first 2023 releases for Pragmatic Play. Take a trip to a tropical land in this wonderful Wild Wild Riches sequel


Hit the Bank

Robbing a bank with Chicago gangsters, Playson are going full Al Capone in their latest slot. The big catch in this game is the 20...


Sweet PowerNudge

Life sure is sweet if you’re living in the candy land. If you want to have a taste, then come along and play Sweet PowerNudge


Rock Bottom

The positive thing about hitting the rock bottom is, that there is only one way to go and that’s up. Things like this only fuel th...


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We aim to educate, enlighten, and inform slot players like you, and thereby help you to elevate your gambling game. That way, you can play slots online better and enjoy the benefits of your smart gambling choices. So, be sure to check out our online slot, casino, and slot provider reviews, and video walk-throughs.

Spend More Time Playing Slots!

In our reviews, you can find out which are the best online games to play and from which providers the top titles come. Plus, you can instantly discover the top casinos at which to play slots online directly on our site. After all, it can be difficult to navigate the online space.
Every casino, slot provider, and title claim to be the best or bring you wins. But, not all do. Here at SixSlots, we take the hassle of finding the best slots and online sites at which to play away. So, you can spend less time surfing the web, and more time playing the best slots!
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One of the best parts about joining us is our free online slot games! Here at SixSlots, you can play all of the online slots we review for free. Yes, you don't need to create an account, subscribe, or even follow us to play for free!
Instead, all you need to do is head on over to our online slot reviews. Then, choose the online slot you wish to play. Once inside the review, click the "Play" button on the online slot game to try it out for free—the title loads within the review page on our website. So, you don't need to do anything to access it. Plus, mobile gamblers are welcome, too.
When the game loads, you can make as many spins as you like without spending a dime. Just remember, since these online slot games are free, you won't win real money. That way, you will get the chance to try out new online slot games free before you wager your cash on them.

How We Choose The Best Online Slots

Here at SixSlots, you won't find any old online slots on display. That's because we have a reputation to uphold as a sleek, new slot review site. You see, we love to make a few spins on online slots, but we're players with a sophisticated taste and yearn for the best online slots. As such, you'll find only the finest games included in our reviews.
These online slots have passed our tests and proven themselves worthy. In fact, they've excelled in every way. As such, we're delighted to recommend these fantastic online slots for you to enjoy, too. But, you may ask what exactly we look for to claim that the game is one of the best online slots? Well, we're happy to share this information with you!

Amazing Graphics

The saying goes that we eat with our eyes first. We think that this saying definitely applies to playing online slots, as well! That's why the appearance of the title is so important. In the past decade, slot graphics have come very far. In fact, these games are almost unrecognisable compared to the slots at land-based casinos available a decade ago.
Now, new online slots feature HD graphics, 3D gameplay, and immersive animations that all combine to transport you to fantastical places. The best slots offer an unparalleled experience to players. As such, impressive graphics are one of the factors that we prize highly in a slot game.

Fun Online Slot Gameplay

Other than looks, a slot game needs to have character. That's where the gameplay of online slots comes in. The best online slots shouldn't only feature some unique gaming options, though.
They should also include a well thought out plotline. That's because a good storyline and unique in-game features will keep slot players excited and ready for more.

Modern Online Slots

Modern online slots are the epitome of online gaming. They're a product of every slot that came before them. They've been developed with the latest technology, as well as the most rewarding features.
That's how they've become amazing as they are today. Therefore, these new online slots offer a superior gaming experience to avid slot players like yourself.

High RTP Slots Are Delightful

While deciding to play a slot game, checking its return to player rate is very helpful. Today, most of them come around 96 per cent. But, this doesn't mean that all slots offer the best RTP. Here at SixSlots, you can read about each slot games' RTP.
Then, you can decide on which slot to make a few spins using this valuable information. We usually recommend games that have some of the best graphics, gameplay, and RTP.

Online Slots From Top Providers

Top slot providers have earned their place in the iGaming industry. Today, vendors like NetEnt, Play'n GO, and Big Time Gaming are the pioneers of the market.
As such, they're sure to bring out winning slots almost every time. Boring, low-rated slots aren't likely to come from the top names in the game. Here at SixSlots, we pay close attention to and keep you informed about new releases from the leading providers.

Licensed Online Slots

Not only do online casinos need to acquire a license to operate - slot providers and their games do, too. Licensed slots are legal for players like you to play. That's why we only recommend licensed slots. Plus, we show players like you the casinos that operate in your territory.
But remember, each licensed provider and site has limitations set by the gambling commission on which regions it can operate. So, be sure to double-check this prior to signing up and playing online.

Tested & Fair Online Slots

Independent testing is such an essential step in slot creation. That's why all the best providers make sure to get each one of their slots tested. This independent slot game testing proves to players like you that the games are fair. At SixSlots, we recommend you to play at fair and tested slots.

Progressive Jackpots

A progressive jackpot is rare to win but offers a huge payout if you're lucky to bag one. The cash prize of a progressive jackpot adds up as players in the network of slots play selected games. So, when you play them, you stand to win thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even over a million in cash!

Fixed Jackpots

Jackpot slots also offer a payout. But, the exact payout amount is set inside that specific game. People who play this type of slots get the same opportunity to win the jackpot when they play.
You can win a jackpot in various ways depending on that specific slot game rules. Perhaps you need to land a jackpot symbol in a winning payline. Or, maybe you need to trigger a bonus game where you can win a jackpot. These slot jackpots are much smaller than progressive jackpots, but they're still lucrative.

Bonus Games

All slots include a base game. The base games mostly come without additional features. However, each slot may include one or more bonus games. Usually, these bonus games will get triggered by a winning combination of bonus symbols. Bonus games are really unique to each game and offer some added intrigue.


Some slots have a respin feature which can get triggered in many ways depending on the specific slot game. This feature will usually trigger during the base game and award you free spins in it. Unlike a free spins game, respins will occur during the base game. On top of that, you won't need to pay a wager for them.

Free Spins Games

A free spins game is a classic slot feature that almost all the best online slots have. But, not all slot games include one. If a game does, the free spin game is usually triggered when you land a number of free spin symbols on the reels.
When the free spins game starts, you may get taken to a new set of reels with special features for the duration of the spins. In it, you'll get a certain number of free spins before the game ends and takes you back to the base game.

Unique Online Slot Features

Other than the slot features mentioned above, there are plenty of other unique features that a slot may have. These features will depend on the unique slot design. Plus, they'll rely on how innovative the game studio was when they created the slot game. Unique features usually add to the slot theme or storyline.

Free Spins & Other Online Slot Promotions

As one of the most popular casino games, it's no surprise that slots have their own special promo. Yes, amazing and enjoyable free spins! Unlike the free slots we offer, free spins provide you with a free spin on a slot for real money. So, when you use these free spins, you get a chance to win real cash, but don't need to pay!
So naturally, it's a good idea to look out for casino free spins offers! But, on top of free spins, there are a whole host of other promotions that are worth claiming, too. What are these promotions you may ask? Well, we've mentioned these below. Make sure to read them carefully so that you can learn what these offers are.

Win Real Money with Free Spins

Free spins are one of the best online slot promotions. They can come as part of a welcome bonus for new players, be a loyalty reward, or be a promo for existing customers. Plus, many online casinos offer free spins on fun, new slot game releases and popular slot games.
But, undoubtedly, the best thing about free spins is how you stand to win real cash when you use them. Here at SixSlots, we're on the lookout for these amazing welcome free spins offers, too.
As such, you can find free spins offers directly on our site. In fact, you can compare top online casinos, and bonus offers in your area to find the very best offer. Plus, players can claim their casino bonus and free spins directly on our online website, too!

Live it up on The Online Slots With a Casino Bonus

Another classic casino promotion is a welcome bonus for new players. In fact, few online casinos don't offer a bonus to the new players who sign up for an account. When you join a casino to play the best online slots, you should receive a casino bonus with which to play and make a few spins.
But, finding the best bonus isn't easy when everyone is claiming that they offer it. Luckily, we can help you to find the best casino bonus for new players! All you need to do is go to our bonus page to compare various bonus offers available at the platforms in your area.

The Different Types of Casino Bonus Offers

A welcome bonus is usually a first deposit bonus for new players. At most online casinos, all you need to do is get your bonus when you make your first deposit. Some casinos also offer second, third, or fourth deposit bonus offers, as well as regular offers for existing customers.
You may also see a no deposit bonus. In this case, you won't have to make your first deposit to claim this offer. Instead, you'll receive yours without making a deposit as long as you follow the casino rules to get yours. No deposit bonus offers are one that new players should watch out for. But, they're not as common as a first deposit bonus.
Many times you can find a casino bonus that comes with free spins, too. This is especially true with the best online slot casinos that value slot players like you. So, you get a generous new players bonus and some free spins when you register a new account.
Reload bonuses should also be available regularly at any good online casino. These bonus offers aren't only for new players. Instead, you'll be able to benefit from them on selected days, weeks, or months, or specific times of the day. The rules of these casino bonus offers will depend on the site and the specific promo rules.

Wagering Requirements

Not all casino bonus offers are equal, though. Some come with strict wagering requirements that can ruin the fun. So, be sure to check out the site's bonus wagering requirements. Luckily, you can easily find out about these requirements in our casino bonus reviews. So, be sure to read these before you sign up on a casino!

Take Part in a Slot Tournament

Slots aren't typically a competitive game. This is due in part to the fact that slots are played by one player and rely on luck. But, one of the newest gaming developments is leaderboard tournaments. Leaderboard tournaments allow slot players like you to compete with other players for the top spots on the board.
You can get to the top by winning points for the highest slot multipliers, most wagers, or other categories. So, you stand a chance to win just for playing your favourite casino game - slots!
Register your casino account right after reviewing the operator and opt into the tournaments. Then, rack up points playing your favourite casino game and stand a chance to win! Some amazing tournament prizes include cash, bonus prizes, VIP event tickets, and so much more!

Play Slots Online & Rack up Some Casino Loyalty Points

Another way you can get rewarded for playing slots online is to join the casino loyalty program. Often, you'll automatically get signed up when you register with an online casino. Sometimes, you will have to opt-in yourself, though. In some cases, the casino may even have more than one loyalty program from which to choose.
Once you've selected your perfect online slot site at which to play, do check out their loyalty program. We also talk about each online casino sites loyalty program in our reviews. So, be sure to read them thoroughly to find out more about the casinos!

Who Creates The Best Online Slots?

So, you want to make a few spins on the best online slot games? But, you may be wondering how to find the top titles. Well, the easiest way to do this is to look for the source of the best slots - the software providers, of course! If you're new to slots, or you've never paid too much attention to who the game provider was, don't worry.
Our team has dedicated their time to review the best providers, too! So, all you need to do is read our provider reviews to find the top names in the game. Then, you can easily find the best online sites that stock games from these providers! It's that easy at SixSlots.

Why You Should Play Online Slots From The Best Slot Providers

If you want to play the best games, then the easiest way to do this is to play slots from the top providers. The best providers have many years of experience creating slots and therefore know what they're doing. Plus, they hire the most skilled team members - animators, illustrators, mathematicians, and more, to achieve this goal.
In this way, these high-flying studios offer you the absolute best online games to play. Every slot detail down to the sounds effects, graphics, RTP, and special effects are near perfect.
As such, you're sure to enjoy playing games from the hottest names in the business. Of course, not every title is perfect, but the top provider games stand out head and shoulders above the rest.

Read up on The Biggest Names in The iGaming Industry

Our site is your one-stop spot for all things slots. Not only can you find the best casino, bonuses, and slot reviews here; you can also find provider reviews on our site, as well. In our provider reviews, we cover the companies achievements, slot portfolio, history, and more. So, you can get well acquainted with the top names in the iGaming industry.
Simply navigate to our slot provider reviews to start reading up on these amazing providers. Each of these game studios has a unique look, style, and slot collection. Plus, we only review the best providers. So, you're sure to enjoy playing games from at least one of them.

Choose Online Slots From The Top Providers at SixSlots

Once you've found a few providers that you like, you can get to playing your slot games. But, first, you're welcome to try these games out for free at SixSlots! All you need to do is click through to our recommended slots in the provider review. Or, you can simply navigate to our slot reviews to play slots for free there.
When you play for free at SixSlots, you get to experience the amazing slot gameplay and graphics for yourself. Plus, you do so at no cost to you! So, when you play for real cash, you can make smarter gambling choices and enjoy your bankroll to the maximum. Plus, you can also avoid wasting your money on slots that you don't like.

Keep up With Modern Trends When You Choose Providers at SixSlots

The best slot providers are leaders who forge new gaming trends. But, that doesn't mean that they ignore important gaming developments around them. In fact, they embrace them and the challenges of integrating them with slots. As such, creating mobile-friendly games, Bitcoin games, and immersive 3D games is important to these providers, too.
Here, we embrace these modern gambling trends, as well. So, we pick the top slot providers that can serve you up the trendiest slot games. Plus, their modern games feature the best looks, music, and gaming options compared to most other games available.
Many of these providers have also switched to mobile-friendly slot design. Now, not only can you play their games on your mobile, but you can enjoy these mobile-friendly features, as well. So, if you're into mobile gaming, you're guaranteed to enjoy these slot games, too!

Why You Should Play Free Slots at SixSlots

Here at SixSlots, our aim is to inform slot players like you, guiding you to make smart gambling choices. We want to help you to find the best online games to enjoy. Plus, we want to assist you in finding the top sites that offer the best online slots.
So, you want to place some real money on the slots. But, you don't know which is the best site or title on which to spend your cash. So, why not try out a free game here instead? You get a taste before you pay, so you don't waste your cash on a title that you don't enjoy.
You may be wondering how to play these slots. Well, the good news is that all it takes is a few simple steps to access these free slots. Even mobile gamers are welcome to play for free, as well. Simply access our site from your preferred device to join in the fun!
Not only do you get to gain invaluable experience when you play for free, but you also get to enjoy learning! Yes, you get to experience all the thrills except winning real money when you play for free. Try it out for yourself, and you'll see that it's really fun to experience the best online slots at no cost to you!
So, you don't just get to play games for free here; you also benefit from our industry knowledge! But, there are a few more reasons why you should join our iGaming community.

Play Slots Online For Free With No Obligations

While you are enjoying free slots here, we won't ask you to share your details, sign up, or do anything else to benefit from our knowledge. Instead, you can simply follow us on social media and access useful information on our site. Plus, you can do all this and play free slots without any obligations!

Learn About Each Slot Before You Wager Real Money

The online slots of today are way more complex than the slot machines at land-based casinos or video slots of yesteryear. Some feature intricate plotlines, unique bonus features, and free spins games unlike any seen before. As such, they can be complex to navigate. One great way to do this without losing your cash is to play for free at SixSlots!

Play Slots, Read Reviews

Playing for free is a great way to avoid disappointment. But, you can also benefit from our team's gambling know-how when you read slot, provider, and casino reviews. It's well worth your time to look through these reviews. Plus, you're likely to make smarter gambling choices equipped with this information.

Make Smart Gambling Choices

Knowledge is power, especially in the ever-changing iGaming landscape. We'd like to give you a leg up and assist you on your path to becoming a knowledgeable pro. That's why we've put together our insightful Smart Gambling Course. In it, you'll learn everything you need to know about playing slots, casino games, and online casino for one small fee.

We Support Responsible Slot Gambling

Here at SixSlots, we support licensed, fair casinos that practise responsible gambling. As such, we help you to find like-minded casinos that provide you with safe and supportive gaming experience.
Plus, we provide objective information, tips, and advice in our casino, provider, and slot reviews. So, you can gamble responsibly using this information.

How to Select a Slot Review to Read

Once you're on the SixSlots website, navigate to the slot reviews. Select "Read Review" on whichever slot you're most interested in playing. In the slot review, there is all the information you need about the game. Plus, you can play the slot for free directly in this review.

Watch Video Walk-Throughs of Popular Slot Games

If you're feeling lazy, not to worry. You don't have to play to preview the game. Instead, you can watch our slot walk-throughs! These are just as entertaining as they are informative. You can view these on YouTube, Twitch, or directly in the slot review if they're available.

Where Can I Play The Top Slots?

Once you've demoed a slot title that you like, you may be wondering where you can play it. Luckily, we have that covered, too. Here at SixSlots, you can find all the best casinos to play slots. That's because we assist you in finding all the top online sites in your region.
Plus, we even throw in useful casino reviews to help you pick the perfect one for your needs! After all, what makes a great online casino is different for each slot player. So, be sure to do your homework and pick the best online casino for your taste.

Play Online Slots at The Best Casinos

Back in the day, you had to travel far to get to the best land-based casinos. Luckily, that's all changed. Now, you can play your favourite casino game online at the top sites all over the world. All you need is an internet connection and your device of choice. Plus, you can easily compare and pick the best online casinos at SixSlots!

Read Our Insightful Casino Reviews

In our casino reviews, we cover everything that you need to know about each site. Our reviews include detailed information about the casino and what it has to offer you. These reviews are so insightful that it's unlikely that you'll need to go elsewhere to find out additional information.
Choosing the best casinos isn't just a want; it's a necessity. This is especially true since you'll be depositing money to them to play slots at these sites. That's why you need to do your homework and find out about each casino site.
Luckily, you can access all this information here at SixSlots. That's because we want to help you to avoid making silly mistakes like gambling at unsafe sites. Once armed with all the objective knowledge you need, you can make smart choices about where to gamble.

The Different Types of Slot Games

Now that we've gone over the various slot game features, you may wonder about the types of slot games. There are quite a few types of slots, and we've included the most common in our list below. The slot game is a very versatile casino game, though. So, this is just a brief overview of the slot game types.

Progressive Jackpot Slots

In terms of the way a slot pays out a jackpot, there are two main types of slots - progressive and non-progressive. Progressive slots usually offer a variable jackpot to slot players on a network of slots. These games, therefore, have the biggest jackpot payout.
The reason they are called "progressive jackpot" slots is that the jackpot keeps going up as players play but don't win it. When another player wins the jackpot, it is no longer available to you. You'll have to find another slot with a high jackpot to stand a chance to win big.

Non-Progressive Slots

Non-progressive slots are regular slots that offer set win payouts as per the game's design and rules. The jackpot prizes, if the slot has any, in these games is a set value, as well.
Plus, only you can win as you play because you're not competing in a network of slots. Other players can win the set jackpot by playing the same slot somewhere else, but this doesn't affect you.

Slots at Land-Based Casinos vs Online Slots

When you think of the physical types of slot machines, there are two main types of slot. These include the land-based slot machines from decades and centuries past and online slot machines of now. Each of them is designed to fit the hardware that players like you access them on.
A land-based slot machine is a slot game in a physical slot machine in a brick-and-mortar casino. Online slot machines aren't really a machine, since they're online, not in the physical world. No matter which way you play, both can offer some of the exact same game titles.
In fact, many video slots that feature in physical slot machines are available to play on online slot machines, too. These online slots look and operate almost exactly the same as they do on a slot machine. But, instead of driving to your local casino, you can play them online.
Plus, there are many more online slots that you can only play on your mobile device or computer. Online slots tend to be more modern and feature unique, new gameplay. To the contrary, many land-based slots offer simple video slot games.

Mobile Slots - Today's Must

The newest type of slot is the mobile slot. Mobile slots provide a unique gaming experience compared to online slots. Instead of being optimised for play on a PC, they get designed with mobile gamers in mind. These slots offer modern graphics, quirky plotlines, and minimalistic mobile and UX/UI-friendly gameplay.

Slot Themes

Slots are one of the most flexible casino games when it comes to themes. In fact, you can probably find slots online as long as you have a stable internet connection. These themes include pirates, animals, fantasy, horror, Vikings, Oriental, and so much more. This is probably the reason why this casino game is so popular amongst so many casino-goers.

Classic Slots vs Classic Video Slots

A classic slot refers to the physical slot machines with levers and manually spinning reels. These slots include the three-reel machines with bars and one payline. So, don't get confused by the term classic slot when used to refer to a video slot in the classic style.

Video Slots

A video slot refers to the basic digital slots played online on your device or at a land-based casino. Video slots generally have some fanciful graphics, sound effects, and animations, unlike classic slots. They don't mimic a physical slot machine. Instead, they offer a unique theme like faeries, holidays, or Vikings and usually feature five or six reels.

3D Slots

A 3D slot is a video slot that aims to trick your mind into believing you're in a real place. They do this using optical illusions. In these slots, your wager and spin buttons may pretend to be those of a land-based casino slot machine. So, you could play a 3D video slot online to pretend that you're at the casino playing real slot machines.

Fruity Slots

A fruit machine or fruity slot is a well-known face on the casino circuit. They were very popular a few years back, and the classic ones featured various fruits, including cherries and lemons. There are plenty of modern twists on the classic fruity slots, too. Some of these games feature tropical fruits or uniquely illustrated fruits.

Join SixSlots & Find the Best Online Slots Ever!

So, we've covered the different types of slots, features of them, and a lot more. Now that you know how much we have to offer you. After all, you can read objective, insightful reviews on all the best casinos, slots, and providers.
Plus, you can play free games and claim your exclusive bonus offers at the casinos we reviewed here. In the end, we really are a one-stop spot for all your slot needs. So, join us for a bit of fun and plenty of vital gambling tips and tricks!