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Turbo Games review and online casinos

Turbo Games is a modern provably fair games provider. The company started off in 2021 and since then, they have ambitiously pushed forward for better results. This is a provider that keeps the younger generation in mind, creating trendy games, which stand out from the regular casino product. Turbo Games brings an easy-going and rebellious vibe, so they definitely want to be turbo games characternoticed, but they’re not screaming their name out there, instead, they take the cool approach. 

Their games use the provably fair gaming solution, which means that cryptographic hashing algorithms are used to generate a random string of numbers on both the server and client side, creating random, yet fully verifiable game results. This technology is primarily used in crypto casinos, which additionally helps to attract a younger audience. Turbo Games have partnered up with many other iGaming companies and this company delivers full support for over 25 different cryptocurrencies. Their brand book shows, that Turbo Games have set clear goals and they know their own identity.

Turbo Games Online Casino List and Bonuses

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6.12 / 10 Casino
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5.85 / 10
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Turbo Games Product

For two years now, Turbo Games have carefully crafted unique and fascinating games, so let’s take a look at some of their highlights so far.

Crash X 

This was the very first game that Turbo Games produced. Crash X completely dismisses the classic slot model, instead, it brings a whole new way to play. When the round starts, the spaceship takes flight with a gradually climbing win multiplier. As the multiplier grows, it’s up to you to decide when to cash out. Wait too long and the ship might blow up, tap out too early and you’re left with a small win. It’s up to you when the trigger is pulled. To make it more exciting, this game is played with multiple players at once, so you may even have a friend or two enjoying the thrill of Crash X.

turbo games crash

Dice Twice

A month later, in April of 2021, Turbo Games released another special game called Dice Twice. This game has a high 97.50% RTP, and it is played in a single player mode, meaning it’s just you against the odds. Quite literally, because the player is the one that decides the odds. You place a bet and then you decide, how big is the win percentage. With a higher win percentage, you can play it safe, but keep in mind, that the possible payout won’t be all that impressive, but lower that percentage down, and your possible win can be much more appealing. A simple, two-colored pie will let you easily recognize the winning odds. It’s as simple as it gets, but a lot of players love it.

dice twice turbo games


With this game, Turbo Games explored their creative side, producing a casino game, that has a more distinctive theme and look. Once again, the player is in full control, having to decide which of four or three blocks should the hamster dig. The safe block award prizes, but radioactive blocks end your game. It’s up to you to decide how deep will the hamster dig as at any point of the game you can decide to call it quits and secure your current win. Once again, simple, straightforward game idea, but with much more appealing visuals, so anyone can get behind it. 

hamsta turbo games


Even though Turbo Games have the newer generation in mind, a game like Mines brings back some memories from the 90’s. This casino game can be comparable with the Minesweeper game that almost everyone with the old Windows version has played. Players are given various uncovered tiles. Some contain diamonds and some bombs. The idea once again is simple, try to guess the diamonds and avoid bombs. Each diamond boosts your current win, but at any point of the game, you are able to throw in the towel and secure your current payout.

mines turbo games


Keep your eye on Turbo Games, because we feel like their future plans are grand. The solutions that they produce are certainly not in the same category as video slots, so if you feel like you want to be in control of your game, then perhaps your next favourite casino games are already looking at you. They certainly have a unique style of doing things their own way. Pretty much all of these games are super simple and easy to understand, even though traditional slot players might feel discouraged at first, but we can certainly recommend giving Turbo Games a shot.