Frequently Asked Questions

How old do I need to be to play at an online casino?

Most of the cases you have to be at least 18 years of age to legally play at online casinos, but this can differ in certain casinos or jurisdictions. In some countries it is only allowed to gamble after you turn 21. Online casinos will keep track of your age by asking to put your date of birth, but you should always check your local laws.

Are online casino games safe?

Online slots as well as any other online casino games are safe, if you play at safe and secure casinos. Of course, every time you gamble, you are risking with the chance to lose. After all, winning odds is what casinos is all about. If you are aware of this and you play responsibly, then you and your money will be safe in reputable and recommended casinos. Take a look at our casino listings – we work only with reliable gambling sites.

Can you really play and win in online slots?

Yes, you can. Every online slot game uses a computer component to generate random numbers – the numbers or symbols that defines the outcome of the game. This is dependent on combination of algorithms and the result is always random.

Do online casinos really pay?

Yes, they do. If you play at recommended and reliable casinos you will always be able to withdraw your winnings. Very few casinos have a certain cash out limits per week, but you can always read that in its terms and conditions. If you are playing with an online casino bonus, there are certain wagering requirements you have to complete in order to cash out your money. All of the requirements, limits, rules of the bonuses etc., you will find described in terms and conditions.

What is the best online casino to play?

The answer to this question is based on what you are looking for in a casino – what games you prefer and what bonus offers you want to receive. But it is absolutely clear that the best casinos to play at are safe and trusted casinos with well established reputation. At SixSlots you will find a list of the best online casinos with some generous bonus offers – all you have to do is choose the most suitable bonus offer for you.

Are online slots rigged?

No. Online slot machines are developed by online gambling software providers. They work under specific legislations and are examined by regulatory organizations which verifies the fairness of the games and pay-out percentages. If you play at reliable online casino, the fairness of the games will always be ensured.

What is online casino bonus?

Online casino bonus is a special offer or reward from the casino in order to attract new clients or strengthen the loyalty of existing visitors. There are many types of bonuses available: free spins, no-deposit bonuses, first deposit and matching deposit bonuses etc. Each type differs in a form of use and requirements linked to the offer, for example, free spins will be eligible for slot games, and they will come with certain wagering requirements (times you have to play-through a bonus in order to receive your winnings from it).

Usually, the most generous are welcome or sign up bonuses with or without first deposit. Here at SixSlots we have listed the best welcome bonuses around – explore our casinos and our offerings, and have fun!

How do online casino bonuses work?

Online casino bonus is a special promotion from the casino with the aim to attract more clients or reward the existing ones. This is possible due to the fact, that online casinos don’t have such marketing expenses as regular land-based casinos, which use free drinks and snacks to draw attention. Therefore, online casinos are able to provide some special offers in a form of bonus, and this actually helps you to raise your winnings.

The main objective is to gain loyalty from the players as they try out the casino using bonus offer. Usually, bonuses are transferred to your account at the casino after you sign-up or under other circumstances.

What are wagering requirements?

Wagering requirements are number of times you have to play-through a bonus before your winnings transfer into real money that you can withdraw from your account. For example, if you receive a €30 bonus with wagering requirements 10x, you will have to bet at least €300 to be able to collect winnings from the bonus. Always check the wagering requirements before taking up a bonus, you can find them in casinos terms and conditions.

How do I obtain a casino bonus?

Here at SixSlots it is very easy – decide which offer at which casino you want to receive and click “Get Bonus”. Then, at the casino webpage you will automatically be recognized as a player from SixSlots, and after you sign up, the bonus will be added to your account. If it is a matching deposit offer, you will receive the bonus after making the first deposit.

What is a welcome bonus?

Welcome bonuses or sign-up bonuses are given to players when they create an account at the casino. They can come as no-deposit bonuses or first deposit bonuses, and in a form of cash, free spins, free play or other. If it is a match deposit bonus, it will be a certain percentage of your first deposit: from 25% up to 400%. As it applies to all bonuses, you always need to read the terms and conditions to know the requirements and rules about wagering and withdrawing your winnings.

Welcome bonuses are usually the most generous online casino bonuses, check out our casino listings to try some of the best sign-up deals!

What is a deposit bonus?

Deposit bonus is a reward you receive when making a deposit in your online casino account. They can come in a form of cash, free spins or other. Before receiving such bonus, it will always be stated what kind of reward are you receiving.

What is a no-deposit bonus?

No-deposit bonus means a reward you can receive while playing at a certain online casino, but you won’t have to make a deposit in order to get the bonus. Usually, casinos use this form of reward as welcome bonus, when you sign-up and create your account. No-deposit bonuses generally comes without any further requirements from the casino – you can simply use up the bonus and no additional deposits won’t be asked, but in order to be 100% sure, always check the terms and conditions.

What are free spins?

Free spins (also bonus spins or extra spins) in slot games means a certain amount of spins you can use without betting your own money. Often, this kind of bonus is used as a welcome or sign-up bonus in order to come acquainted with the casino and explore the games. It is always important to check the terms and conditions, specially wagering requirements to be sure you understand when and how much money you will be able to withdraw from your winnings. Free spins bonus usually have wager and time limitations.

What is a free play casino bonus?

Free play bonus is a certain time you can spend playing a game without spending your own betting money. It is similar to free spins bonus feature, but free play refers to a specific amount of time, for example, one hour. In order to receive your winnings from this kind of bonus there can be limitations or some requirements, like making a first deposit in the casino. All rules regarding use of the bonus and withdrawals will always be mentioned in the terms and conditions.

Can I withdraw a casino bonus?

Usually the amount of casino bonus can be withdrawn after player finishes all wagering requirements. There are bonus types, like sticky-bonus, which allows to play and withdraw your winnings from a bonus, but not the bonus amount itself. Always check the terms and conditions to be fully aware what are the requirements.

How do you recognize a good bonus offer in an online casino?

If you play at a trusted and reliable online casino from SixSlots list, all bonus offers will be good, but what you need to take into account – not always the biggest bonus will be the best bonus for you. All bonuses come with specific wagering requirements. For bigger bonuses wagering requirements probably be more difficult to carry out, if you are not playing with high stakes or visiting the casino on a daily basis. If you are completely new to the world of online casinos, it is best to start with some free spins in order to come acquainted.

What are casino bonus codes?

There are some casinos that require a specific code to unlock additional bonus features. Usually, casinos provide the codes in their page or send them via e-mail to its loyal clients, but nowadays they are used less often. It can be a special promotion, for example, as a gift on a special holiday with a specific time limitation.

I don’t really want to make a deposit. Can I just play the games for free?

Yes, you can, if you are using no-deposit bonus offers. You will still have to become a client to a specific casino and create an account in order to receive the bonus. But afterwards you can enjoy your free spins, free cash or whatever reward are you using. Play for free, and most of the time you can even collect your winnings from the bonus, but you should always check that in the terms and conditions of the bonus.

Also, in this case you can check out first deposit bonuses, if the minimum amount of the bonus is not that big and is acceptable for you, then you can enjoy some free spins without spending a large amount of money.

Explore SixSlots bonus offers from free spins to matching deposits – we are sure you will find what are you looking for!

What games can I play with no-deposit bonus?

Majority of times no-deposit bonuses refers to slot games. Very few casinos allow to use no-deposit bonuses on other games, like Blackjack. If a casino promotes no-deposit bonuses for table games etc., check the terms and conditions whether wagering requirements are not too heavy for you.

Do I need to read the terms and conditions of a casino bonus?

Answer to this question will always be “YES!”, because every bonus comes with different terms and wagering requirements. These descriptions will always cover everything important about the use of bonus and requirements to fill before withdrawing your winnings. There are lot of aspects you need to take into account – minimum deposits, times of playthrough, time limitations etc. Therefore, you should always read the terms and conditions to be fully aware.

What is live dealer online casino?

In live dealer casinos the game is managed by a real-life dealer or croupier via live stream video. This provides players with the opportunity to interact with the dealer or other players at the table using separate chat room of the game. Many players prefer live-dealer casinos due to association and feeling of a traditional land-based game room.

What is instant play?

Instant play format means you don’t have to download any supporting software to your device, you can simply play casino games at the website. There are casinos that require additional, corresponding software, but nowadays majority of gambling sites are switching to instant play solutions.