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Claiming a casino bonus and free spins is one of the best ways to start your journey at a new casino. There are tons of bonus promotions available, and many casinos to join. So, finding the perfect one for you isn't an easy task. Luckily, SixSlots brings the best for you!

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Get the Best Bonuses Available For You!

This process doesn't have to be so difficult, though! Here at SixSlots, we aim to help players like you to spend less time finding your casino bonus. So, you can spend more time enjoying the casino games you love to play. You can even compare the top online casinos here. After all, choosing an online casino isn't only about its welcome bonus on offer!
As such, we also offer detailed casino, slot, and provider reviews. Plus, game walkthroughs, and updates on the latest online gaming news. You can even try out the latest games directly on our site! We're your one-stop spot for all things slot games and more! So, join us to find the ultimate casino bonuses and more here at SixSlots!

Find Your Welcome Bonus at SixSlots!

Now, you may be wondering why to choose SixSlots to compare welcome bonus offers? Well, because we're one of the best places to pick the top casinos, new customer bonuses, and slot games, of course!
We provide you with the most objective and detailed advice. Using this invaluable information, players like you can make smart gambling decisions about where to play.
On top of all this, you can save plenty of your precious time when you compare the top sites and bonus promotions here. You can take the hassle out of finding your bonus funds and free spins. That's because you can access all the top bonus promotions in one place, right here!
These are just some of the great reasons to shop for online casinos and bonuses with us. So, don't delay! Join the SixSlots community today and help us to help you find the best online casino bonus and free spins!

Read Our Insightful Casino Reviews

When you read our casino reviews, you don't just get a few paragraphs of the basic information you could get anywhere. No, we go much deeper! As such, players like you can find almost everything you need to know about each site in our reviews. So, you can make a definitive decision on which site is the best for you!
We cover their strengths, weaknesses, software providers, support, payment methods, and much, much more. You can even find out which games, mobile casino games, and live games are on offer at each site. Plus, we talk about the bonus funds, free spins, and other rewards available from each online casino.

Compare the Best Casino Bonuses Here

Each site operates in certain regions and countries. So, not all of the best online casinos are available to you. Naturally, it can be disappointing to see a casino bonus and realize that you can't claim it. Those area restrictions can be a real let down! That's why we make sure to recommend only casino sites and bonuses available for your country.
In fact, we bring you all the top casinos and bonus offers available to new players like you in your region! So, you get to pick from the best local online casinos and bonuses every time, disappointment-free. Yes, you can find free spins, no deposit bonus and first deposit bonus offers that you're looking for right here!
With us, players like you can conveniently compare bonus promotions to find the best fit! Simply head on over to our "Casino Bonuses" page to find yours now. We've got tons of exciting promotions packed with bonus funds and free spins waiting for you.

Gamble Smarter With Us

Thanks to our detailed casino reviews, players like you can make better decisions on where to gamble. You can also play slot games for free before you make any spins for real money. We help you to make an informed decision on which casino games to spend your hard-earned cash. And we do all this with no obligations!
On top of all this, we bring you our Smart Gambling Course, where you can learn from our expertise. In our course, you can learn invaluable skills and knowledge to up your online gambling game. And you can access all this for only the cost of around a few max bet spins on your favourite slot!
Now, that's a good gamble and a great investment! In it, we cover everything you need to know about safe online gambling. We also go over the best types of promotions like free spins, no deposit bonuses, first deposit bonuses, and more. You can learn about wagering requirements as well as how to spot the best bonus promos.
Plus, we give players like you plenty of tips on how to win at slot games and other popular games! So, join us to start your pro-gambling career on the right footing. With our guidance, you can make smarter moves at the tables and slots.

How Can I Claim My Exclusive Bonus & Free Spins?

Now, you may be wondering how to get your hands on your exclusive casino bonus and free spins? Well, this process is very simple at SixSlots. In fact, there's no necessity to visit any other site to view or find these bonus promotions. Nor, do you need to sign up for an account with us to view the top online bonuses.
All you need to do is follow a few straightforward steps to claim yours! It's that easy! We've detailed these below so you can get right to claim your bonus and free spins as soon as possible. After all, you won't want to wait long to get your hands on the amazing bonus funds and free spins!


View The Top Bonus & Free Spins Promotions

Your first step is to view the various casino bonus promotions on offer in your area. Simply head over to our Casino Bonuses page to compare these online casino bonuses and get yours! You can see all the top welcome bonus offers available currently in your region. Plus, you can even do a little research on the site before you sign up.
We pick the best casinos at which to make spins on slot games. So, many of them offer free spins as part of their welcome package, too. You can view the free spins on offer, as well as the bonus funds! So, don't delay, compare and claim yours today!


Compare Casinos in Your Area

One important thing to do prior to signing up with an online casino is to read up on them. Luckily, you can do this quickly and easily at SixSlots, too! Simply head over to our Casino Bonuses page and click View Review to do so. In each review, you can see the casino bonus for new customers.
There's no need for you to go back to the Casino Bonuses page to get yours. Simply get it directly in the casino review if you like what you see! We love to save you time and help you to make smarter decisions. After all, you're going to be making a deposit with your cash. So, you'll want to do so at the finest online casinos, right?


Find Your Casino Bonus at SixSlots

Your next step is to get your bonus at SixSlots. That's right; you can get your free bonus money and free spins by clicking Get Bonus on our site. This is one of the best parts about shopping for casino bonus promotions with us. When you compare online casino bonuses here, you can go directly to the casino to claim yours.
We save you the time of finding the best casinos. Plus, we also streamline the process of signing up and claiming your bonus! We're sure you'll agree that finding bonuses here is so easy! Simply click Get Bonus in our casino reviews or on our Casino Bonuses page. Once you do, you'll get taken straight to the casino site to sign up and get your bonus.


Sign Up With Your Perfect Online Casino Today

So, you've chosen your casino bonus and clicked Get Bonus to claim yours. Now, you'll get taken to the casino site where you can sign up to get your new customers bonus. As one of the new players signing up, you'll get access to this exclusive promotion! All you need to do is follow the prompts to create your casino account and get yours. Each casino offers its own exclusive bonus and free spins.
Each site will also have its own unique registration process. Plus, they may have a unique loyalty program, tournaments, and other exciting features. So, be sure to do your homework on them prior to signing up for your account.

How Can I Find The Best Online Casino Bonuses?

Here at SixSlots, we help you to find the best casino bonus promos. Yes, you can view the best free spins, first deposit, and no deposit bonus offers with us! We're committed to bringing the finest bonus promotions straight to your doorstep! So, you can conveniently compare all of them from wherever you are.
Now you know exactly where to find the best bonus promotions. But, you may be wondering what to look for in the best bonus? Well, there are a few important factors to consider. Not all that glitters is gold, and this is especially true for online casinos and bonuses.
If you're one of the new players who're signing up with an online casino, it's easy to make mistakes. So, here's a handy guide on how to pick the best casino bonus promotions online.

Watch Out For Wagering Requirements

Most casinos offer a welcome bonus for new customers. In some cases, this bonus may seem very generous. But, picking the best bonus isn't just about how much bonus funds you'll get. You see, t&cs apply for each bonus. After all, an online casino needs to protect its cash, too.
Some players don't actually want to play casino games. They just want to deposit cash to get the bonus funds, then immediately withdraw them. Naturally, online casinos need to protect themselves from these people. This is where wagering requirements come into play.
But, some casinos impose such high wagering requirements that they take the fun out of bonus funds. So, be sure to check on each of the bonus wagering requirements prior to signing up! You'll avoid disappointment and make a more informed decision on which is the best bonus and casino to pick!

How Do Wagering Requirements Work?

A wagering requirement is a rule that you need to meet to withdraw your bonus and winnings as cash. Wagering requirements are applicable to most bonus promotions. But, they will differ depending on the offer and the casino. So, picking a bonus with better wagering requirements is possible.
Most times, you will need to wager a certain amount of cash on specific games to meet the wagering requirement. In most cases, you'll need to do this before you can withdraw your winnings and bonus as cash. That's why picking a bonus with better wagering requirements is often a good choice even if the bonus is smaller.

Look Out For Free Spins

Free spins are an excellent bonus for slot players to claim. Free spins are very different from playing slot games for free, though. You're not demoing a game with free spins. Instead, you actually get to take free spins on a real slot game for the chance to win real cash!
In most cases, you'll get some free spins with your first deposit or no deposit welcome bonus. So, be sure to see if your welcome bonus comes with some exciting free spins! Casinos do often offer free spins for regular promotions, too, though. They just might not offer as many free spins as they do with their welcome package.

Check if Your Free Spins Are Wager Free Spins

Wager-free spins are exactly the type of spins players like you should look for. Why? Because when you make slot spins with wager-free free spins, you usually get to withdraw your winnings immediately. This is due to the fact that these free spins don't come without the typical wagering requirements.
You get to try the game out on the house and stand a chance to win real cash. Plus, you can withdraw any winnings immediately! Naturally, they are a casino bonus worth claiming! So, be sure to check if your bonus spins are wager free or not prior to registering to claim your free bonus!

Check What Kind of Casino Bonus Yours Is

Not all casino bonus promotions are the same. In fact, there are a variety of casino bonuses, each of which comes with its own terms and conditions. These terms will stipulate your maximum and minimum deposit, wagering requirements, and more. So, be sure to check these t&cs prior to claiming yours.
Most first deposit bonus t&cs require that you make a minimum cash deposit to claim your bonus funds. Many bonuses demand that you meet the wagering requirement to withdraw them as cash. No deposit bonuses require no deposit of cash from you for you to claim the bonus money!
If you're not familiar with the types of bonuses, scroll down to read more about them. We've got a useful guide to all the most popular bonuses like first deposit and no deposit bonus promos there! Plus, we mention some of the other popular casino promotions worth knowing about.

Find Out The Minimum Deposit in The T&CS

For most deposit bonus promotions, you'll need to deposit a certain amount of cash to claim them. You'll need to meet this minimum deposit amount mentioned in the terms. Otherwise, you won't be eligible to claim your bonus funds.
So, be sure to check what the minimum deposit is to ensure that you don't miss out. This is especially important if the bonus is the first deposit bonus. With first deposit bonuses, you don't get another go to earn your bonus funds.

Read The Bonus Terms and Conditions

Each bonus comes with its own t&cs. These will include the wagering requirements, minimum deposit, plus other conditions of using and claiming the bonus cash. They will also detail which casino games are eligible for free spins and how you can use your bonus cash. So, be sure to read these to avoid making costly mistakes.

Be Quick; Casino Bonus Promotions Don't Last Forever!

Making hurried decisions is never a good idea. But at some point, you do need to be decisive about choosing an online casino bonus. You see, bonuses don't last forever. So, if you see one you like, claim it!

Find Your Casino Bonuses & Free Spins at SixSlots

When players like you search for your online casino bonus at SixSlots, you don't have to worry. That's because we bring you the finest bonus promotions for you to compare.
Simply view all the best casino bonus promotions in your area in one place to choose the perfect one for your needs. We truly are a fantastic one-stop-spot for all things online casino, bonuses, and slots!

Why You Should Compare Casino Bonus Promotions at SixSlots

There are many online sites where you can find new customer bonuses. So, you're probably wondering why you should compare casino bonuses with us? Well, there are quite a few reasons why we stand head and shoulders above the rest!

We Bring You The Best Bonus Promotions

Here at SixSlots, we love to make spins on the best games at the finest casinos. So, naturally, we couldn't fall short with our recommended casino bonuses. That's why we bring you only the best bonus promos! Yes, you can find the top first deposit and no deposit casino bonus offers. Plus, bountiful free spins, too!

Our Bonuses Are Specially For You

Our selection of casino bonus promotions is sure to excite you. As will the fact that you can access all the top bonus promotions for your country in one place! We bring the best available bonuses straight to you. So, you can spend more time playing the top casino games at the finest online casinos.

We Know a Thing or Two About Online Gaming!

Our gambling know-how is just the invaluable information that you need to make smarter spins. New players and pros alike will surely benefit from the insider information that we have to share. You see, we want to help you to succeed in online gambling. So, be sure to follow us for regular gambling updates and tips.

We Love to Make Spins Just as Much as You Do

We love to make spins on games online, perhaps even more than you do! And, we want to take you with us on this journey through the wonderful world of online gambling. Enjoy the thrills. Experience the passion. Benefit from a wealth of knowledge. Make spins on the latest and greatest games for free. Watch exciting game previews. Plus, pick the absolute best bonus promotions right here at SixSlots!

Find Your Bonus With No Obligations

Enjoy comparing casinos and casino bonus promotions with us with no obligations. No hidden fees, nor any sharing of your personal information is necessary to compare sites. We don't ask anything of you! All you need to do to claim your bonus is sign up for your casino account with whichever site you choose.

Follow Us For Free

You can access all of our reviews, content, blogs, and game walk-throughs here or on social media for free. You don't even need to give us a thumbs up! But, if you do like what you see, then follow us on social media and check back for regular site updates. We're active on Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Save Yourself Time & The Hassle of Finding Bonuses

One of the most valuable things we have is time. Time is energy; time is cash; time is so many things. With more time, you can achieve many things. So, why waste it digging around for your casino bonus online? We're here to save you that valuable time by taking the hassle out of finding the best casino bonuses!
Every online casino claims their bonus is the best. But, that's just not true! So, instead of wasting your energy trying to find out which casino bonus is worth your time, find yours here at SixSlots! Plus, that's not all we have to offer! We have tons of insider info, tips, and knowledge to share with you, too!

Read Detailed Casino & Bonus Reviews Before You Make a Deposit

Yes, when we talk about having more to offer, our casino reviews are one of the first things to spring to mind. We go in-depth to give you the best start. In fact, we've put together almost everything you need to know about each site. So, players like you can select the absolute best at which to claim your bonus, make a deposit, and play games!

How Does SixSlots Select Online Casinos?

At SixSlots, we take special care in selecting casinos and online casino bonus promotions to recommend to you. We consider a variety of factors to find the best casino bonuses. Now, you may be curious about what exactly we take into account during this process? So, here's our checklist.

A Vast Game Selection

One of the most important things for a casino to have is a great selection of games! After all, what's the use of a hefty bonus if you have very few games to spend it on? That's why our SixSlots team takes a casino game selection very seriously! After all, we want new customers like you to enjoy your casino bonus to the max!

Generous Casino Welcome Bonus Offers & Promotions

A casino bonus is very important. New players bonus starts a casino’s relationship with its new customers off on a good footing. Plus, it gives new customers like yourself a taste of what is to come. So, we always look for the most generous casino bonus promotions. After all, we want you to enjoy the finest bonuses packed full of bonus funds and free spins!

Regular Casino Bonus Promotions & A Loyalty Program

A new players bonus is an exciting thing. But, will a casino keep up the rewards after you've used yours? We want you to sign up with sites that shower you with exciting treats! So, naturally, we look a bit deeper into what other exciting bonus promotions a site has on offer. Yes, regular free spins, bonus promotions, and loyalty rewards are all considered!

Mobile-Friendly Online Casino Site & Games

The face of gambling is always changing. With each development, comes a whole new world of possibilities. Mobile gambling is the latest of these innovations. We make sure to keep up with modern trends. That's why we consider whether an online casino is up to speed with them, especially mobile games and gambling!

Games From the Top Providers

Are you out here looking for the best online casinos and bonus promotions? If so, then you're probably also looking for the best games on which to make spins! And, for the most part, these games come from the top providers. So, it's not hard to see that the best online sites should have games from these providers. This is especially true if they want to be top of our list!

Fantastic Customer Support

An online casino can easily talk the talk and offer generous bonuses. But, does an online casino walk the walk? If they do, then they'll be sure to offer you amazing customer support! It's so easy for online sites to become detached from their customers. But, that doesn't make this behaviour right. That's why we consider how fast their support answers and how quickly issues get resolved. Plus, how friendly the support team is.

Plenty of Payment Methods

A big bonus packed with bonus funds and free spins is great. But, being able to deposit cash and claim it easily with your preferred payment method is also important. After all, you don't want to have to open various e-wallets to make a deposit and claim your bonus. Or, open a new bank account just to top up your funds or withdraw your winnings, for that matter.
You just want to sign up, claim your bonus, and get to playing casino games! That's why we take a look at what payment methods are on offer at each casino site. We make sure that they cater to your needs!

A Secure Site & Payments

When you are to make spins online, it's so important to stay safe. Online gambling can be even safer than offline gambling. But, it does come with its own risks. As such, it's vital that an online casino does its best to keep your data safe and secure. Yes, the site needs to offer an encrypted site and payments, as well as not renting or selling your data!


So, an online casino can keep you safe with an encrypted site and gateways. But, is the actual site safe, licensed, and regulated? Here at SixSlots, we ensure that all the casinos we recommend are. Playing at unlicensed online casinos is one of the worst mistakes you can make. Plus, it's illegal in most countries. So, we make sure to check sites licensing.

Fair Wagering Requirements

A wagering requirement is necessary for an online casino to protect itself from scammers. But, some abuse this and use wagering requirements to get out of giving you the bonus you deserve. So, we make sure to take into consideration how fair a casino is with theirs!

Special Bonus Promotions for Which to Watch Out!

Not all bonuses are the same. In fact, there are many types of casino bonus! Some are specifically for new players, while others are for regular customers. Some are ideal for the slots, whereas others can get used anywhere at the casino. What are these bonus promotions you ask?
Well, there's a first deposit bonus, a no deposit casino bonus, a reload bonuses, cashback, and free spins. Plus, so many more exciting bonus promotions available online. We've detailed the main types of bonus promotions below. So, you know for which ones to look out!

No Deposit Bonus

No deposit casino bonuses are one of the very best bonus promotions for new players. These awesome bonuses don't require you to make a deposit of cash to claim them. They may come with other terms and conditions, though. But they're still a pretty sweet deal. So, be on the lookout for these exciting deposit-free promos!

First Deposit Bonus

A first deposit bonus is the golden standard of welcome bonuses for new players. In order to claim your first deposit bonus, you'll have to make a minimum deposit of cash as stipulated in the t&cs. This offer is only available for your first deposit with an online casino, though. So, be sure to make the best of your initial cash deposit!

Second, Third, Fourth, & More Deposit Bonus

In some instances, a site may even offer a bonus for your next few cash deposits. These bonuses may be as equally or even more rewarding than your initial deposit bonus. Or, they may offer a slightly smaller bonus than your first deposit bonus. One thing is for sure, though. They do add a bit more excitement for new players like you!

Free Spins

If you love slot games as much as we do, then you surely know about free spins. If you don't, we're surprised, but here's the low-down on them anyway. Free spins are literally unpaid spins on selected casino games. The best part is that with these free spins, you can play for free for real money! Free spins often form part of a welcome bonus.

Reload Bonus

A reload bonus is a regular promotion for existing customers, not just new players. With a reload bonus, you get bonus funds for any eligible cash deposit, not just your first deposit. Existing players get to relive their welcome bonus days with regular reloads bonuses! So, be sure to watch out for them as a regular player.

Cash Back

Did you know that some casinos offer cashback to players? With most cashback offers, you don't get a bonus based on a minimum deposit of cash. Instead, you'll likely get a percentage of your lost wagers back as cash! Every bonus offer has t&cs, though. So, be sure to check the cash backs terms to find out the rules.

Leaderboard Tournaments

Leaderboard tournaments are a great way to compete with real players at an online casino. At least, from a distance! Usually, leaderboard tournaments allow you to rack up points for your spins, wins, and wagers. If you score the most points on the leaderboard, you'll win exciting prizes!

Loyalty Rewards

With loyalty programs, you get rewarded for your regular casino patronage. You can earn access to VIP support, exclusive bonuses, cash prizes, and more exciting treats. Not every casino has a loyalty program, though. So, be sure to check if a casino does beforehand in our casino reviews!